Emergency Repairs to the roof cant wait.

The new roofing material arrives today, so there is a lot of work to be done carefully removing the old sheets and repairing the timber trusses and purlins. Fun fun fun!
Rainwater was coming in through the roof, melting the mud bricks and mortar.


Thanks to Volunteers

The response to the call to help save Kok’s Cottage has been overwhelming. People are volunteering their time and their special skills. I just took a call now from an old friend who is able to re-do the damaged window and door frames to match the originals. What can you contribute? Spread the word. What can your friends contribute? We will make this happen. Remember our 2 week “volunteer camp” starts on Saturday 22 June 2013. Its gonna be cold, its gonna be hard work, but its all worth while.

Kok’s Cottage Crumbles

We found the cottage in a severe state of disrepair – some of the bricks are mud bricks other on kiln burnt clay bricks with mud and lime mortar.

the rain coming in though the holes in corrugated iron roof has got to the walls and is causing them to “dissolve”.

I fear the whole house could very soon come crashing down.

Backyard veggies

The garlic I planted in early April is coming up well. I bought cloves from livingseeds.co.za. If you plant the stuff you get in the shop it is not likely to grow. Much if it is imported from China and irradiated for “health” reasons thus killing the life that makes mine sprout.

I expect to harvest in December and will keep you posted. These I have planted in my backyard in Walmer.