Walmer Vinyard

I have been working for a few weeks now on cleaning up the vine on my east boundary.

The vine has been there for a long time. When we moved in 13 years ago it was already very established and giving small purple blackish fruit. The I count three vines, with a least one on the neigbours side of the fence.

I intend to make wine from these grapes come Feb or March next year.

The best gues so far is that the cultivar is a Catawaba. This cultivar comes from America. When I googl Catawaba, it does come up with a number of sites trying to popularise the wine.

Interestingly though, when I went to the Nursery a few weeks ago to buy 4 new vines, the only red cultivar that they had available was Catawaba. Perhaps the nursery man their knows a thing or two about suitability to the Port Elizbeth climate.

Which brings me to the Theescome wine estate that i visited last week. Sandra there is making wines from four cultivars – Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvingon and two whites. here vinyard is only two hectars in extent!

Climate therefor does not seem to be an impossible impediment in Port Elizabeth.

I can be worked around!

Walmer Tilapia Hatchery

Major disaster on Sunday. I heard a crashing noise. When I got to the hot house the glass aquarium had broken and the red tilapia breeding group were all over the ground flapping around. Managed to save them but I think we lost the fry the broody mother was carrying in her mouth.

I bough this tank second hand about a year ago for about R200.00. Just to replace the broken glass would cost me about R600.00. I t does not seem worth it. I have never built a fishtank before and the chances of me getting it wrong are quite big. Perhaps I will live without the glass aquarium. (for now)